19 de agosto de 2008

Cuando nos volvamos a ver

Un caotico dia te dije que te lo contaria, pero no fui capaz, hoy te escribo aquello que debi decirte y que me callé. Perdona por haberte ocultado esto tan fuerte que siento y que espero confesarte.

There is something I have to tell you, as you know. I wasn't brave enough before, but it's the moment. It's today or maybe never. And I have to know something that I have been asking myself for so long.

I don't wanna lose our wonderful friendship cause you know is the best thing that happened to me. I don't know if you have ever think about it, but here I go.

When we were in the city where we met, I realised one day that I was feeling something more than friendship, something stronger, something that I didn't feel before. I felt in love with you.

I was so scared to tell you cause I thought you just liked me as a friend, although a best friend. But no more.
If you ask me why I am telling you that I wouldn't know exactly what to say, cause I am so afraid of losing you as a friend. I also know that the distance makes everything more difficult. But since you left I haven't been able to stop thinking about you. Every single day.
We are far away, but we know we will be able to meet quite often, as much as we can. Now that you are hearing this, the real true, I am wondering what you think...
Do you like me as a friend, or maybe you don't wanna see me again? Might you feel something similar or might you are confused as I am.

I love you, I do more than ever. I miss you, I used to think when we were together that I was not honest with you, but I was also so thinking what your reaction would be. But trust me I tried to tell you. But I just hid my secret to be closer to you and crying by lying the best person I have ever met. I hope at least you are not mad about me. Just tell me what do you think.

Perdonen que este post lo haya escrito en ingles, pero me resulta mas facil al expresar mis sentimientos y es el idioma que usare cuando la vuelva a ver, el unico que tenemos en común y que nos permite ser mejores amigas.

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